The Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

For centuries, civilizations have been utilizing the natural healing and health benefits provided by honey. Aside from its sweet flavor and aroma, honey contains antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that have been show to promote physical wellbeing and support healing. Honey has gained a reputation throughout the years for the many medicinal purposes and for the wide range of ailments it is effective against. As a great source of carbohydrates and digestive enzymes, modern research has suggested honey can be useful to promote wound healing, as a sugar alternative, an immunity and energy booster, and as a sore throat and cough suppressant. Discover just some of the amazing health benefits offered by honey!

Natural Sugar Substitute

Added to foods and drinks, honey provides an alternative to sugar and sugar substitutes. For years, honey has been consumed by humans and animals for its sweet flavor and fragrance. As a natural sugar replacement, honey is easily digested and contains about 64 calories per tablespoon. While honey does contain more calories than table sugar, it is significantly sweeter and therefore would require less usage.

  • Honey contains approximately 38% fructose and 31% glucose
  • Used in teas, coffee, milk, and other drinks
  • When added in recipes, less honey is required than sugar
  • Easily Digestible
  • Raw honey is unprocessed, pasteurized honey is typically processed once

Wound and Burn Treatment

In addition to honeys distinct and delicious taste, its antiseptic properties have been recognized as a natural treatment for wounds and burns. By inhibiting the growth of bacteria and absorbing moisture, honey has been show to promote healing while stimulating surrounding tissues.

  • Reduce Bacterial Growth
  • Prevent Infection
  • Deodorizes Wounds
  • Ease Pain and Swelling

Sore Throat and Cough Suppressant

Perhaps one of the better known therapeutic uses of honey is its effectiveness as a sore throat and cough suppressant. With antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, honey can actually prevent and stop bacterial growth inside your throat. Furthermore, the thick consistency of honey enables it to quickly coat and soothe your throat.

Honey has also been shown to decrease nighttime coughing and associated sleeping deficiencies. According to two separate studies by Penn State University and the Pediatric Community Ambulatory Care Clinic, children who were administered honey in one form or another experienced reduced nighttime coughing and improved sleep.



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