Spotlight on Sumac

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Sumac is a flowering plant that grows in subtropical and temperate climates, like Africa, The Middle East and right here in the US. The fruits from Sumac scrubs form dense clusters of reddish drupes. These drupes are then dried to make a purple spice. Sumac powder is popular in Middle Eastern and Turkish Cuisine.

Sumac powder imparts a wonderful lemony taste to meat dishes and salad, it was even used by American Indians to make a lemonade type drink. In Arab cuisine it also serves as a pretty garnish for Meze often sprinkled on the top of Baba ganoush and humus.

Recipe Ideas:

  • sumac lemonade
  • sumac meringue pie
  • sumac seasoned salad
  • sumac grilled chicken
  • sauteed green beans with tomatoes and sumac
  • sumac kebabs

The next time you buy sumac, how will you use it?



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