Powdered Foods

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In my recent attempts to be more resourceful and less wasteful I have become fond of keeping dried and powdered food on hand. They keep a very long time without going bad are easy to store and have many great uses you may not have thought about. Here are a few powdered foods and uses that you may find convenient and interesting.

Dairy and eggs- You can find these in many varieties from whole milk to skim and buttermilk to cream cheese (any cheese really), whole eggs, egg whites, and butter. These are really good to take camping if you do not have a refrigerator. They are good to have in case of power outages when cold food is lost. I find them most useful as back up for baking and cooking, how many times have you been an egg or a cup of milk short of a half finished recipe. The powered milk can even be used to make evaporated and sweetened condensed milk. It is hard to think of something you couldn’t use cheese powder for, your own macaroni or pasta sauce, nacho cheese, dips, homemade potato chips, or add to casseroles or creamy soups. Cheese powder comes in many varieties too cheddar, parmesan, white cheddar, Romano, and blue cheese…dressing?

Fruit and veggie powders- Let’s start with fruits such as raspberry, lemon, orange, pumpkin…ect. These are great to add to drinks like teas or even cocktails for some added flavor and almost no work and no artificial flavors. They can also be added to cookies, oatmeal, frosting or anything you want to bake without having to alter the recipe. Vegetable powders like carrot, mushroom, spinach, and horse radish also have a wide range of uses. You can add them to dips and cheese balls, soups, breads, meat rubs, and marinades. You can also add them to ground meat to enhance without sauce to burgers or meatloaf.

Sauces and condiments- You can find many sauces also come in powder form a few examples are Worcestershire sauce, buffalo sauce, mustard, hot sauces, ranch, and bbq’s. Having these in dry form you have different options you can use them for. You can add them to breading for wings or chicken strips and have the same flavor but dry which is great for kids. You can use them in dry rubs for ribs or as a seasoning for trail mixes. They are also very easily transported and less breakable for hiking and camping trips or outdoor cookouts.

Now if I hesitate to buy something out of fear that it will go bad before I use it up I try to see if I can find a dry version. This makes my grocery list smaller and most dry food is less expensive. I also have less food wasted and I can easily add more flavor to my food. I hope you can find some of this information helpful in your cooking adventures.



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