Grilled Chicken Wings

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Chicken wings are the ultimate tailgating and football party appetizer. What’s better than picking up 30 wings from your favorite local wing spot? Grilling your own, that’s right grill em up! We aren’t going to be picky here, if you want to use charcoal or gas, it’s up to you, but using a charcoal grill often gives an added taste that can’t be replicated on a gas grill, unless of course you add a little Charcoal Seasoning to your Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salt mixture prior to grilling!

Grab a bag of wings from your local grocery store, we try to avoid frozen wings. Cut the wings in half at the joint and remove the wing tips, save the wing tips in the freezer for making your own chicken stock on a rainy day.

Be sure to fire up the grill or coals, before moving forward.

Next, place all of the wings in a bowl and drizzle them over with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and add some Salt, mix together with your hands to make sure each has good oil coverage, now go wash your hands!

Place the wings on the grill top on medium heat and cook until done (fluid should run clear), turning occasionally.

Now comes the fun part, place the wings in a large bowl and coat them in the sauce of your choice. Lately, we haven’t been able to get enough Mild to Wild Southwest Chipotle Sauce, but go ahead use your favorite!

Finally, enjoy your Southwest Chipotle Grilled Chicken Wings!




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