Fun Facts on Mint

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  • Mint gets its name from Menthe a Greek mythical character
  • Mint comes in over 30 varieties
  • Ancient Romans and Greeks used mint to flavor cordials and fruit compotes also for baths and perfumes
  • Ancient Hebrews used to scatter mint over the synagogue floor for its scent
  • The common garden mint is spearmint
  • Mexicans call mint Yerba Bueno or good herb
  • Mint Plants originate in the Mediterranean region
  • Mint has been found in Egyptian tombs from as far back as 1000 BC!
  • The US produces 70% of the Worlds peppermint and spearmint

Mint Recipe Ideas:

  • lamb with a mint sauce, a British classic
  • chocolate mint mousse
  • pea and mint salad
  • mojito
  • mint julep


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