Fun Facts on Chili’s

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  • Chili’s have been cultivated for thousands of years.
  • Peppers are used as a natural way to induce the body into sweating which naturally cools the body, that is why the closer you get to the equator the hotter the pepper.
  • Today more than 400 varieties are grown in Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Mexico and even in our own back yards!
  • Chili’s most commonly used are jalapeno, serrano, poblano, yellow wax, birds eye, habanero and cayenne.
  • Computers are used to rate a chili’s heat in Scoville units or parts per million capsaician
  • Capsaician is the chemical within the chilly that gives it the heat
  • The Scoville scale ranges from 0- 50,000
  • A mild bell pepper would be 1500-2400 a cayenne or aji 30 000- 50 000 and a Naga Jolokia or Ghost chilly believed to be the Worlds hottest 1,001,300 units!
  • Chili’s are easy to grow and @fairtradeanni from twitter states “Chili peppers are easy to grow in a big container or in the ground. We have lots of room so grow many varieties and share with friends”

The following chili oil recipe comes from Mango Tomato a fun DC based food blog, this is a fun way to make a chili seasoning:

Chili Oil



1. In a hot cast iron skillet toast the peppers until they become aromatic.

2. Let the peppers cool a bit, then cut off the tops and remove all the seeds.

3. In a blender puree the peppers with the oil.

4. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve, discarding the remaining bits of the dried peppers.

5. Pour the rest of the “clean” oil into a jar or a bottle. Keep in the refrigerator.

It would work well drizzled on salads or added to stir frys or as part of a marinade for beef or chicken.

What’s your favorite Chili Recipe?



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