Chilly Pepper Poem

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The following fun and creative chili pepper poem comes from Just for Licks:

Rocotillo in Peru,
With roasted meat is good to chew.

Chile Peppers, hot cha cha,
Careful when you eat them raw.

Heat in units called Scoville,
So the opposite of chill!

Habaneros top the list,
Heat so hot you’ll need a mist.

Peppers come from near and far,
There’re even some from Myanmar.

Pasilla and the yellow Banana,
Cayenne hails from French Guiana.

Tobasco, Bird and fiery Serrano,
Jalapeno, Cherry and mild Poblano.

Scotch Bonnet’s used to make the jerk,
So scorching you might go berserk.

‘Chiladas garbed in chilis green,
How I love piquant cuisine!

Swaddled in some creamy Jack,
For this plate my lips do smack.

Grab your apron, light the grill,
One less craving to fulfill.



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