Can’t grill out, get some Charcoal Seasoning!

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We’ve all been stuck in those apartment leases where the landlord won’t allow grills, so what do you do in the summer with no grill?

Bring the flavor of the grill inside to your kitchen.

Add a little of our secret Charcoal Seasoning, then bake, broil, or pan fry your favorite grilled item and watch as your guests’ taste buds explode like fireworks.

Now you can capture the distinct essence, aroma, and flavor of charcoal any time. Whether your apartment will not allow a grill or the weather outside is frightful, charcoal flavoring will deliver genuine grill flavor with all activated charcoal and other spices and ingredients with no fillers. Soon to be a family favorite, enjoy the zest of grilling out all year.

Happy grilling!




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