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Vegetable and Bacon Orzo

This is a wonderfully simple orzo dish. Orzo is a small Italian pasta and it even looks a little like rice. It is made from wheat semolina, however it was originally made from barley, in fact Orzo means barley in Italian. It is easy to prepare and has a summer flavor to it, a welcome […]

Spicy Spring Veggies

The following easy vegetable side with a kick comes from Chow and Chatter:    

Ground Beef Goulash

This wonderful simple Goulash recipe comes from Chow and Chatter    

Cod in a Parsley Sauce

The following recipe is a British Classic, simple to make and wonderfully tasty parsley pairs perfectly with cod.    

Sumac Spiced Summer Salad

  The following recipe comes from Chow and Chatter:    

Smoked Chipotle Brown Sugar Chicken with Green Veggies

  It’s summer time, which means it’s grilling time, and what better way to kick off the grilling season than with some smoked chicken. We’ve never smoked anything before, so this was truly an experiment, but a fun one at that. The Garlic Chipotle & Savina Rub, Paprika Smoked Sweet and brown sugar created the […]

Stuffed & Smoked Jalapeno Peppers

  Or ABT’s as we affectionately call them. For those not in the know ABT stands for Atomic Buffalo Turds. And where that may not sound appetizing the first time you hear it, one taste and you will change your mind immediately. If you do not have access to a smoker these can be easily […]

Roasted Pork Recipe with Sesame Seed, Pomegranate & Sriracha

  Our dishes are often inspired by Asian flavors, and this Roasted Pork Recipe blends the flavors perfectly. A nice mixture of sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger and garlic is a nice complement to the juicy, tender pork. We topped ours with a pomegranate molasses and Sriracha for a spicy-sweet kick. Paired with the tangy […]

What to Do with Green Tomatoes? Turn Them into Pickles!

Every year as I prepare my garden for winter, I wonder what to do with green tomatoes. There is a special place in my heart for the little guys that work hard till the end, only to be defeated when the first frost declares “times up!”. In my quest to restore dignity to my little […]

Curried Cauliflower Carrot Soup

  Last week, I came down with the flu and it knocked me out for three days. The only saving grace was the Curried Cauliflower Carrot Soup my husband made for me. I ate it for every meal while I was trying to kick the sickness. Its savory flavors and soothing texture were like a […]