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Tips For Cooking A Turkey

  There is no right or wrong way of cooking a Turkey for thanksgiving it all comes down to personal taste. Here are a few tips for each method: Brining: brining helps to keep the turkey juicy and works best if the method of cooking is roasting or grilling. In essence its a salt water […]

How To Deep Fry A Turkey

First, be sure to always cook outside and keep pets and children away from your “cooking zone!” You will need to have 2 thermometer’s on hand, one to track the oil temperature and one to track the turkey temperature. You really don’t want to deep fry any turkey over 15 lbs because the outside will […]

Southwest Ovenfried Chicken Tenders

  It is getting to be that time of year again. You know chicken what I mean, right? That special time to gather your friends and family to enjoy that yearly ritual of watching the Super Bowl! Now, I have to admit that we are not huge football fans around here, but we do catch […]

Rod and Shiela’s BBQ Rub

This is a simple BBQ rub that goes well with beef, chicken or pork. We use this quite often on our favorite meats. Make larger quantities than the recipe states so you have enough on hand especially if you are having a large BBQ party.

Beer Butt Chicken Recipe

Beer can chicken, drunk chicken, beer butt chicken, drunken chicken, whatever you may call it, we have the best rub for your recipe. While there are many different ways to prepare this delicious recipe, we simply give you the best rub and the tools necessary for the job, how you prepare it is up to […]

Soda Can Chicken Recipe

While the original recipes stems from a beer can, many have commented on the great results a soda or root beer brings to this recipe. Soda can chicken can easily be substituted when beer isn’t an option. Many say the alcohol in the beer helps dry out the chicken skin and helps give it that […]

Oven Beercan Chicken Recipe

While Beer Butt Chicken has proven to be a very popular grilling recipe, some people dont realize they can enjoy this year round by cooking this in their ovens when weather or location doesn’t permit outdoor grilling. Sure you may miss a slight smokey or grilling flavor, but that’s nothing a little Charcoal Seasoning couldn’t […]

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Try our super easy recipe for chicken tortilla soup. It is loaded with flavor and can be ready in minutes.

Tasty Turkey Tacos

These turkey tacos use a warming blend of spices great for the colder months.

Jalapeno Chicken

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