Recipes Tagged ‘Nuts’

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Spice Bread

  Pumpkin Bread just seems to go along with Thanksgiving, doesn’t it? With the fall, really, I guess. Living out here in the country, pumpkin fields are a common sight, and this time of year, when the leaves of the plants have nearly all wilted, it almost looks like the pumpkins just sprang up from underground overnight. […]

Chex Mix Recipe

  There is never a family gathering at Sarah’s parents’ house without bowls of Party Mix set out to munch on. One of our favorite snacks would have to be our homemade chex mix. One of the greatest recipes and surely to be a hit, the best part of this recipe is that it can […]

Orange Christmas Almond Bars

  This recipe is a variation on one that I have perfected over the last couple years, and it’s definitely one of my all time favorites when I need to come up with something delicious and a bit out of the ordinary. It’s highly adaptable to whatever ingredients you have on hand or what flavors you like. […]

Easy, sweet, crunchy salad

  Whenever I go to a family dinner or any type of potluck, I tend to gravitate to the side items more than the main dishes for some reason. Things like potato salad, baked beans, or mac and cheese always sound good to me so when I have the chance to have them all in […]

The World’s Most Addicting Granola

  Since I have become pregnant, I was really searching for something a little more healthy to eat for breakfast. This granola recipe turned out to be delicious and really addicting! I like to make a little parfait out of it with non-fat vanilla yogurt and berries.  

Gourmet Mushrooms Create Creamy Summer Saute

Gourmet mushrooms are a delightful addition to any meal, but especially at the vegan table. Succulent texture, woody fragrance and savory character create a gourmet experience comparable (and compatible!) with the finest wines. And though freshly harvested mushrooms are appealing, restricting indulgence to a few illusive days in fall is not necessary.There are many delicious […]

Luscious Lemon Bites

This is a zesty and fun dessert featuring tangy lemon, coconut flakes and vanilla.

Carob Almond Cuties

Carob is very good for you, and when combined with the right ingredients is very similar to chocolate. It’s packed with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins with none of the calories or caffeine in chocolate.

Holiday Quinoa

A tasty holiday recipe using quinoa, the gluten-free super grain packed with protein and dietary fiber.

Raw Carrot Cake Chews

Super simple and packed with nutrition, raw carrot cake chews taste great and they are great for you!