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Can’t grill out, get some Charcoal Seasoning!

We’ve all been stuck in those apartment leases where the landlord won’t allow grills, so what do you do in the summer with no grill? Bring the flavor of the grill inside to your kitchen. Add a little of our secret Charcoal Seasoning, then bake, broil, or pan fry your favorite grilled item and watch […]

Worcestershire Powder Blue Cheese Bacon Burgers with Creamy Coleslaw

  Grilling season is in full swing. And what’s better on the grill than burgers? Nice, juicy, mouthwatering burgers. For this recipe, we used Worcestershire powder instead of sauce and were pleased with how much easier it was to mix. When working with Worcestershire sauce, the meat and other ingredients don’t stick together as well, […]

Herb & Spice Rubbed Grilled Tri-Tip Roast

  In my 42 29 years I am pretty sure that this was the first time I had heard of the cut known as tri-tip steak. I can’t be certain that it was Jeff who introduced me to this amazing cut of beef that fateful weekend in October when he cooked me up a grilled […]

Pumpkin Barbecue Sauce

  One of the best things about the holiday season is the food. Thanksgiving and Christmas bring with them a cornucopia of delicious, traditional foods and food traditions. In Sarah and I’s family, some of these foods and traditions include ham loaf, prime rib, and visiting Fort Wayne’s famous Coney Island at least once with […]

Black and Bleu Hamburger Recipe

    Spring has finally arrived here in the Midwest. Although we woke to showers this morning, the promise of 72° temperatures has made us very happy. We are already planning what we will be throwing on the grill tonight for dinner. Before we have even had breakfast. Or coffee. Which is dangerous. Don’t try […]

Grilled Beef Tenderloin

If you are anything at all like us, the onslaught of cold winter weather did not have you putting the grill into hibernation mode. Nor did you keep it there when this years so called “Spring” brought nothing close to the balmy sunny days it has given us in the past. Well, most of us. SOME of you already […]

Rod and Shiela’s BBQ Rub

This is a simple BBQ rub that goes well with beef, chicken or pork. We use this quite often on our favorite meats. Make larger quantities than the recipe states so you have enough on hand especially if you are having a large BBQ party.

Homemade Whiskey Barbecue Sauce

This homemade whiskey barbecue sauce is perfect for wings, shrimp and pretty much any other meat product you could think of!

Beer Butt Chicken Recipe

Beer can chicken, drunk chicken, beer butt chicken, drunken chicken, whatever you may call it, we have the best rub for your recipe. While there are many different ways to prepare this delicious recipe, we simply give you the best rub and the tools necessary for the job, how you prepare it is up to […]

Soda Can Chicken Recipe

While the original recipes stems from a beer can, many have commented on the great results a soda or root beer brings to this recipe. Soda can chicken can easily be substituted when beer isn’t an option. Many say the alcohol in the beer helps dry out the chicken skin and helps give it that […]