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Ground Beef Goulash

This wonderful simple Goulash recipe comes from Chow and Chatter    

5 Grilling Tips and Suggestions

BBQ and Grilling has been woven into the fabric of American culture since the 1950’s when George Stephen got an idea after inheriting a controlling interest in a metal spinning company called Weber Brothers. Since that day, firing up the grill has been a sacred ritual heralding the start of summer. In 2009 there were […]

Seven Savory Grilling Spices for Chicken, Pork & Beef

  There are numerous spices used for BBQ and grilling, but which ones are essential for America’s favorite summer pastime? Several of the following were original travelers along the spice route centuries ago. Who are we to argue with tradition? Have these in your spice rack before you plan that menu and fire up the […]

Worcestershire Powder Blue Cheese Bacon Burgers with Creamy Coleslaw

  Grilling season is in full swing. And what’s better on the grill than burgers? Nice, juicy, mouthwatering burgers. For this recipe, we used Worcestershire powder instead of sauce and were pleased with how much easier it was to mix. When working with Worcestershire sauce, the meat and other ingredients don’t stick together as well, […]

Honey Chipotle Spare Ribs

Mmm ribs. Smokey spicy sweet sticky BBQ ribs. Quite possibly the best part of the pig that doesn’t become bacon is the spare ribs. They are the perfect food when feeding a crowd. They are the perfect food when just feeding yourself. There is something about ribs that causes people to eat like animals. Messy […]

Home Cured Brown Sugar and Black Pepper Bacon

So Valentine’s day has come and gone. All that remains are the remnants of chocolates and slowly fading flowers. Don’t misunderstand me. I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I don’t care that people find it droll or call it a Hallmark holiday or roll their eyes at me. Any day I can get Jeff to be more […]

Corned Beef Recipe

Our corned beef recipe is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day staple. I’ll tell you up front, this recipe takes a little planning. The brine is simple, but the corned beef must be refrigerated in the brine for 2 weeks. What are you waiting for? Get busy time is ticking.  

Black and Bleu Hamburger Recipe

    Spring has finally arrived here in the Midwest. Although we woke to showers this morning, the promise of 72° temperatures has made us very happy. We are already planning what we will be throwing on the grill tonight for dinner. Before we have even had breakfast. Or coffee. Which is dangerous. Don’t try […]

Grilled Beef Tenderloin

If you are anything at all like us, the onslaught of cold winter weather did not have you putting the grill into hibernation mode. Nor did you keep it there when this years so called “Spring” brought nothing close to the balmy sunny days it has given us in the past. Well, most of us. SOME of you already […]

Southern Vinegar Style BBQ Sauce Recipe

As spring gets closer and closer, any little warm up we see makes me want to break out the smoker, even if the warm up is only to about 45 degrees. This is what happened a couple weekends ago, so I decided to get the season started with a smoker full of ribs and a […]