What to Do with Green Tomatoes? Turn Them into Pickles!

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Every year as I prepare my garden for winter, I wonder what to do with green tomatoes. There is a special place in my heart for the little guys that work hard till the end, only to be defeated when the first frost declares “times up!”.

In my quest to restore dignity to my little late blooming friends, the problem of ” What to do with green tomatoes?” has turned into a banquet of options that include green tomato chili, green tomato saute, homemade pepper hot sauce, and now, pickles!

If you have an almost-empty jar of pickles with filled at least half way with juice (I think a lifetime supply of these came with my refrigerator!), you need to do nothing more than add your green tomatoes to the mix and wait about two weeks.

Seriously! That’s it.

If your running low on leftover pickle juice, it’s easy to make your own with a pickle seasoning packet and white vinegar powder.

I prefer dill pickles, but get creative! Sweet, Polish, bread and butter and Great American Spice’s unique pickling mixed whole blend is sweet, spicy and tangy all at once. I also add freshly chopped garlic to the packet blend and the flavor is over the top!



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