BBQ Goes Asian

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Chef Dean Martin’s Asian Barbeque Sauce & Marinade

American BBQ chefs are inspired by the East and adding Asian Spices to their creations. Like Indonesian palm sugar, Korean powdered honey and Philippine tamarand powder used by Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Team.

One of the biggest trends in American barbecuing right now is trying the recipes of Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia on the grill. Asian recipes are also featured in grilling cookbooks. Largely inspired by street venders and high-end restaurants in New York and LA that serve Vietnamese Banh mi a crispy baguette sandwich with roasted or grilled meat inside and Korean BBQ. Chilli’s even plans to add banh mi and a Korean BBQ quesadillas to their menu.

Cutting meat thinly as in Asian cooking reduces fuel needs and imparts a stronger grilled flavor to the meat.

Why not try some of our Asian spices and Sauces next time you grill!




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