Tips For Cooking A Turkey

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There is no right or wrong way of cooking a Turkey for thanksgiving it all comes down to personal taste. Here are a few tips for each method:


brining helps to keep the turkey juicy and works best if the method of cooking is roasting or grilling. In essence its a salt water bath often with herbs and spices added for flavor, such as garlic, lemon and cinnamon and sugar.


roasting is a popular way of preparing a turkey often brining the bird first. A wonderful tip is to stuff the turkey with ruby red grapefruit wedges to keep it moist and infuse a wonderful citrus flavor. After roasting use some of the drippings to make a rich and aromatic gravy. Breast meat is safe at 150-160 degrees and leg meat at 160-170.

Injection Marinades:

Injection marinades are gaining in popularity and are a fun way to add flavor to turkey that is going to be roasted or deep fried. Simply mix the marinade and inject 1oz per 1lb of turkey into the breast, thighs, legs and wings. Be sure to be careful when deep frying with hot oil and cook outdoors.


Smoking turkey over a grill or smoker is a great way to enjoy turkey at thanksgiving. Choose a smaller bird 10-14lb for better results and allow 6-8 hrs to cook. Be safe and ensure an internal temperature of 165 degrees. You can brine the bird before hand or simply coat in olive oil.

However you decide to cook your Turkey this year have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones 🙂




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