Homemade Sushi Recipe

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Homemade Sushi isn’t as popular as one would think, we thought uncovering a little of the mystery may help some of you try this at home.


*You will need a sushi roller to complete this recipe.







First you need to steam or boil your rice until it is soft and sticky; it will usually come with specifications on how long this will take.While your rice is cooking you can put your mock crab meat into a bowl and dress with enough mayonnaise to generously coat it when stirred up.

You will want to peel your cucumber and avocado (remove seed) and slice very thinly; your cucumber should be long thin strips just a little thicker than a skewer stick.

Take your rice and press it flat against one side of your seaweed paper completely covering about ¾ of the paper leaving a little strip with no rice to make it easier to roll, you are getting closer to homemade sushi!

Then sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over the rice. A tip for rolling sushi is to put the roller into a large freezer size Ziploc bag to make clean up much easier.

Place you seaweed paper on your roller rice side down with the side with no rice facing you. About an inch or two from the edge of the paper place your crab mix evenly across try to keep your filling no more than an inch thick then add a strip of avocado and cucumber. Start the roll by hand flipping the edge of the paper over the filling and then use the roller to squeeze and rotate until you reach the end, careful not to get your roller tucked inside.

Then use a very sharp knife to cut the roll in to slices about ¾ of an inch thick. If your sushi falls apart when you cut it, then it is not wrapped tightly enough.

Repeat until you use up all your ingredients, serve and eat your homemade sushi! Serve with soy and wasabi for dipping.

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