11 Ways to Fix-up Fast Food

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We all know it would be ideal to cook a delicious homemade meal every time. But when you have a busy schedule sometimes you have to resort to fast food. With all the different food chains available today eventually the same cheeseburgers, tacos, and pizza just get boring. We decided to come up with a few ideas to spice up old drive-thru or frozen foods to give them a more made-in-the-kitchen feel.

#1 – Bacon

Photo Credit: wEnDy

Every list should start with bacon. Bacon salt is a wonderful start. Try adding this to your cheeseburgers to give them some real bacon flavor. It tastes like bacon but with low calories and sodium. We carry several flavors like cheddar cheese, jalapeno, maple and more. You could add this flavor to almost anything…you really can’t go wrong with bacon. Try sprinkling bacon salt on some cheesy fries or breakfast eggs.

#2 – Frozen Pizza

Silce Pizza Club No. 8: Someone Left the Pie Out in the Rain
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Adam Kuban

One of our favorite seasonings at The Great American Spice Co. is charcoal seasoning. Our super secret tip? Sprinkle a little bit on a pizza pan before adding your frozen pizza and putting it in the oven. It will make your pizza taste like it came straight out of a brick oven. I know it sounds simple but it really can transform a boring frozen pizza into something great.

Deluxe pizzas can get expensive and why spend the money when you can jazz up a five dollar carry out pizza with a little of Porky’s Brisket Seasoning? I know what you are thinking, “Brisket seasoning on pizza?” You’ll just have to trust me, but the special blend of paprika, chili powder and garlic complements pepperoni phenomenally.

#3 – Fish Sandwiches

Fish Finger Sandwich

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Su-lin

For fish sandwiches try adding Everglades Seasoning to give it a tangy bayou flavor. Try the original, hot and spicy, or the Cactus Dust BBQ.

#4 – Chicken Nuggets/Wings/Popcorn Chicken

Chicken Nuggets Feeding,The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill, New York
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: racoles

To add a new flavor chicken nuggets, wings, or popcorn chicken, dip them in Chef Dean Martin’s Asian BBQ sauce. It comes in mild or hot and is so good you will be instantly hooked.

#5 – Fazoli’s or quick pasta recipes

Spaghetti? Yum!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Dan McKay

If you like Fazoli’s, or make your own quick and easy pasta, add some of our Pasta Sprinkle to your spaghetti and all of the herbs will make the sauce taste like it was an Italian recipe. A good seasoning blend really can make the difference from tasting like it came out of a can to it came out of a chef’s kitchen.

#6 – Chicken Sandwiches or Burgers

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Adam Kuban

If you like fast food chicken sandwiches try adding some Baconnaise® instead of regular mayonnaise. It is also great on burgers. Take a dollar menu burger and add taste value. A lot of restaurant chains make their signature mayo but they don’t have one like this. It will definitely take your sandwich to another level.

#7 – Salads

A bowl of salad
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Anushruti RK

It can be hard to eat healthy ordering from a drive thru menu. Most of salads are either bland or have too many hidden calories to really be considered a healthy option. Add our Super Tasty Salad Topper to your salad and you will not be disappointed. It’s a seasoned blend of crunchy toppings like sunflower kernels, bacon-bits, sesame seeds, toasted soy beans, and a special blend of seasonings that will add so many flavors you will never have a boring salad again.

#8 – Tacos

Mmm... Tacos!
Photo Credit: jeffreyw

How about tacos? Add a little Chipotle Grill Seasoning and they will be loaded with flavor. It tastes like the best fajita seasoning you’ve ever had! Also try it on burritos, nachos or grilled chicken.

#9 – Bucket o’ Fried Chicken

fried chicken in a bucket

Photo Credit: jefferyloo

How do you fix up a bucket of fried chicken? Try Bad Byron’s Butt-Rub, or add little heat with a lot of flavor by adding Shigs in Pit BBQ sauce.

#10 – French Fries

Oven roasted french fries
Photo Credit: Keith McDuffee

To give your French fries that steak house flavor add our French Fry Seasoning, designed to make the best French fries ever.

#11 – Subs/Grinders/Deli Sandwiches

Medium Cappricola and pepperoni
Photo Credit: Ben Pollard via Compfight

For your favorite sandwich, try a little Special Recipe Salt-Free Seasoning or Cheese & Garlic Sprinkle and it will taste like the delicious ones you can find at your local sports bars.



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