Visitor-Submitted Recipes

Easiest Peach Cobbler Recipe Ever!

My husband was searching for a dessert for our restaurant that was easy to prepare and tastes great! So I started experimenting and came up with the easiest peach cobbler recipe ever!

Mama’s Potato Salad

If you want potato salad with a punch, try this one!

Carrot Cake Bars (tea bread)

Looking for a carrot cake recipe, we’ve got one here submitted by one of our great customers.  This recipe has a couple of secret ingredients, only a few know about these ingredients and lucky for you, we know right where to find some of these ingredients.  Who would’ve thought Tangerine Oil and Coconut flakes could […]

Quick Pumpkin Bread with Stevia

In our search for pumpkin bread we found it increasing hard to locate a good recipe that was also diabetic-friendly and gluten-free.  Over the course of our search for the perfect pumpkin bread recipe, we found hundreds of great recipes, however the majority were not gluten free and most were not diabetic-friendly.  We stumbled across […]

Turkey Meat Loaf

Turkey meat loaf is a new and exciting lean way to do meatloaf.  Did you ever think of substituting turkey for your ground beef?  We have been looking for a great recipe for “turkey loaf” forever, we finally found one and have made it our own by doing a little creative kitchen work.  Meat loaf […]

Bacon Wrapped Pickled Watermelon Rind

Looking for a new appetizer to wow your friends at your next party or tailgating event?  Looking for a sure fire way to grab their attention, look no further this recipe uses bacon which is always a sure thing combined with an unusual snack like pickled watermelon rinds.  Quick, easy, bacon, Cajun, what else could […]

Rod and Shiela’s BBQ Rub

This is a simple BBQ rub that goes well with beef, chicken or pork. We use this quite often on our favorite meats. Make larger quantities than the recipe states so you have enough on hand especially if you are having a large BBQ party.

Smoked Apple & Bacon Chili

Are you a Chili lover? This Chili hits the spot anytime of the year. Make it sweet during the warmer months or spicy during the cold winter months. Its simple to make yet tastes delicious!!

Steak & Chicken Wow Spice Rub

I use this on steak & chicken, and on Hamburgers. I have to make it in big batches as my family & friends love it. Makes nice gifts in a glass spice bottle!

Brown Sugar Mustard Pork Chop

Quick and easy 3 ingredient pork chops with great flavor!