Side Dishes

Worcestershire Powder Blue Cheese Bacon Burgers with Creamy Coleslaw

  Grilling season is in full swing. And what’s better on the grill than burgers? Nice, juicy, mouthwatering burgers. For this recipe, we used Worcestershire powder instead of sauce and were pleased with how much easier it was to mix. When working with Worcestershire sauce, the meat and other ingredients don’t stick together as well, […]

Smoked “Better than Baked” Beans

  These beans are a must have staple at every cook out we ever have. They are tender, full of sweet spicy goodness and compliment a wide variety of main courses. Throw it on the smoker instead of the oven and they don’t stand a chance. You might be thinking “oh but I can just […]

Chili Roasted Winter Squash

  We grow a pretty big garden, each year without fail, we include at least a couple kinds of winter squash. Now, the thing about winter squash is that it tends to be rather prolific. If it is happy where it is growing, you are going to end up with a lot of squash for […]


  After watching all the Mardi Gras specials on television in February, we got really hungry for some cajun cookin’. As I mentioned in a previous post, since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been trying out some recipes that are easier to make and slow-cooker friendly. You’re sure to not be disappointed with this jambalaya recipe, […]

Creole Cauli-Rice

We all love rice, but the carbs don’t really love us back. This is a great recipe to trick yourself into thinking you’re eating rice, but it’s really cauliflower!

Parmesan Sprinkle Asparagus

Pasta Sprinkle isn’t just for pasta! It features our signature blend of herbs with a little parmesan and garlic that goes great on pasta as well as cooked vegetables. Here is a quick and tasty recipe featuring asparagus, but you can easily substitute your favorite vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, or whatever is fresh and in […]

Roasted Garlic Shrimp with Saffron

This is a super easy and delicious shrimp recipe that features the unique flavor of saffron. Saffron is called “The Golden Spice”, because of the golden color it infuses into your food, as well as its rich heritage as an rare delicacy. Saffron is hand-plucked from threads of the Crocus flower, and it is extremely […]

Curry Egg Salad on Toast

A tasty twist on a classic recipe, this egg salad features hummus, spicy curry, and cranberries.

Italian Salsa Lettuce Wraps

These tangy lettuce wraps are great as an appetizer or main course!

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice Veggies

This recipe works great with any blend of vegetables, but we’re going to show how to use winter favorites like squash, red bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms.