BBQ Goes Asian

Chef Dean Martin’s Asian Barbeque Sauce & Marinade American BBQ chefs are inspired by the East and adding Asian Spices to their creations. Like Indonesian palm sugar, Korean powdered honey and Philippine tamarand powder used by Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Team. One of the biggest trends in American barbecuing right now is trying the recipes […]

Spicy Cranberry Chutney

  Be different this thanksgiving and wow your guests with a knock out spicy cranberry chutney to go with your turkey. This creative recipe comes from Bo’s Bowl a wonderful food blog.    

Smoked Chipotle Brown Sugar Chicken with Green Veggies

  It’s summer time, which means it’s grilling time, and what better way to kick off the grilling season than with some smoked chicken. We’ve never smoked anything before, so this was truly an experiment, but a fun one at that. The Garlic Chipotle & Savina Rub, Paprika Smoked Sweet and brown sugar created the […]

Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce Rocks

  The Great American Spice Company has been selling Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce products like mad for years, finally John (one of our employees) traveled to their BBQ joint in Charleston, SC. From a half chicken to a full rack of ribs, their award winning sauces lock in the flavor and juices from inside to […]

Sweet tomato juice

I must admit that I love autumn, but with it rapidly approaching, I must reminisce about the hot summer days and the delicious produce that it yields. One of the products of summer that I typically look forward to the most are tomatoes. After going through six months of dull, flavorless tomatoes, when the first […]

Chorizo Chili Recipe (Fire Chili)

Ahhh, autumn has finally arrived and brought with it such great things as football, bonfires, and one of my favorite fall foods, chili. There is just something about a cool, rainy autumn weekend day that I look forward to. I think it is because it allows me to stay in comfy clothes all day and […]

Let’s Make Pumpkin Marinara Sauce!

  Take advantage of the fall bounty and create a pumpkin marinara sauce that is perfect for pizza, spaghetti and even dipping sauce for garlic bread! Pumpkins are full of carotenoids, essential fatty acids, vitamin A and protein. And yet so many of them go to waste in celebration of Halloween and Thanksgiving. This year, […]

Hickory Smoked Spare Ribs

  We LOVE fall. The weather is much more bearable then the 189° degrees we are subject to lately in the summer. The trees turn to beautiful shades of red and orange and yellow and football season begins. What better reason to stoke up the smoker for a batch of thick and juicy hickory smoked […]

One of America’s favorite condiments

  I recently procured the base of this recipe for homemade catsup and loved it so much, I just had to doctor it up a bit and share it!      

Pumpkin Barbecue Sauce

  One of the best things about the holiday season is the food. Thanksgiving and Christmas bring with them a cornucopia of delicious, traditional foods and food traditions. In Sarah and I’s family, some of these foods and traditions include ham loaf, prime rib, and visiting Fort Wayne’s famous Coney Island at least once with […]